The city of Barcellona

April 17, 2017 linda 0

Barcellona is one of the best cities of Spain. It is the capital city of the community of Catalonia and it estimates about more than a […]

Do you like Crêpes?

April 16, 2017 linda 0

The crêpes are a traditional French dish. They are prepared in a variety of ways. Those who have salted flavors are often filled with cured-meat, […]

How do we communicate?

April 15, 2017 linda 0

Communication is the act of transferring messages and information. In general, communication is a means of connecting human lives, cultures and places. Nevertheless, human communication […]

Avoid Heavy Breathing!

April 13, 2017 linda 0

Bad breath is a problem that occasionally affects most people, perhaps because of an illness or after a meal. However, it’s quite easy to keep […]