Italian online course for foreigners – italianONdemand

Italian online course for foreigners

Italian online course for foreigners – italianONdemand

Learning a new language can sometimes seem an easy task, something you can just start whenever you feel like so. However, it requires a lot of patience, understanding of one’s own capabilities and goals, interests, a great deal of time scheduling and classes. Each language also has its own perks and quirks and it certainly needs a good learning strategy. At the moment, social distancing imposes clear limitation regarding classes and courses of various kinds.

Italian online course for foreigners

Booking an online course is the best way to start learning a foreign language or sharpen your skills if you already have a certain fluency.

Those who are willing to learn a language need to find alternative ways to practice from their homes, offices or outside. Luckily, we live in a society where technology offers various options to shorten digital distances while keeping physical ones. There are many online platforms that grant users the opportunity to learn from anywhere. You can now easily increase your fluency in a certain language anytime you want thanks to smartphone apps or online courses. However, online courses offer in-depth learning experiences and assure better options. Among the ones that are well-known or more appreciated, there are some who shine brighter than the rest. If you consider, as an example, the Italian language, you have to take a look at the offers of italianONdemand. This cleverly built online service is the best option to start your brand new Italian online course for foreigners.

italianONdemand is managed by two professional teachers: Daniela Mancini and Marina Giorgini. Thanks to their years of experiences with foreign students, they were able to create an online learning method that can easily benefit all kinds of students. All necessary information is available on the official website; however, you will always be able to get in touch with italianONdemand via email or social media (Facebook, Instagram). Those interested can book a 30-minutes online free appointment, called “incontro aperitivo”. During this online meeting, the teachers will explain their method and offers, and they will help schedule online classes according to the student’s needs, availability and learning goals.

italianONdemand is the best way to learn Italian quickly directly from your home or office.

There are several interesting alternatives to adjust your learning experiences: you can pay by the hour for 25 Euros/hour, select a fixed course of 5 fours for 115 Euros, or pay up to 220 Euros for 10 hours of video classes. You will be able to choose the preferred online platform with your teacher. Payments planned in a way that guarantees both students and italianONdemand: you can pay via PayPal or bank transfer until 24 hours before your class. You will still be able to cancel your appointment and get a total refund if you notify italianONdemand 24 hours before your classe, or you will be fully charged. If you want to deepen your knowledge on Italian culture, art and grammar, feel free to consider the many events periodically planned on Eventbrite as well!

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