Learn more about board games.

Learn more about board games.

We all have played board games at least once.

Board games are common and widespread all over the world varying in rules and appearance from place to place. They’re basically table top games that require a “board“, a pre-marked surface where players have to move pieces and/or pick cards according to the different rules of the game.

Every board game has a goal that the players have to achieve in order to win. The first board games’ goal was to win a battle between different toy-armies. Different games presents different structures, goals and rules. Many have a generic theme and are easy to play for any age, others are more specific and follow a characterising theme.

Some even have their own scenarios and plot and the board is only used as a tool to make the story progress with more consistency, like Dungeons and Dragons.

Different games require different time to master the perfect strategy and techniques. However, the origin of all board games is rooted way back in time and some ancient primitive board games were fund in many archaeological sites in Egypt, China and India.

During modern times, board games have seen a rise in popularity in the 1990s and in 1991 the board game market was estimated to be 1.2 billion dollars in net value.

There are different board games for everyone’s taste and you will surely find the right one just for you.


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