Toothache: causes and natural remedies

Have you ever suffered of a sudden toothache?
Sometimes, the pain comes in the most unexpected moments and this does not allow us to go immediately to the dentist to fix the situation.

The main factors of toothache can be:

– Dental hypersensitivity: it is pathology that makes our sensitive teeth because of tooth decay, cracking teeth, gingival recession and other issues.

– Caries, which are an infectious disease that afflicts the entire tooth, starting from the surface and progressing in depth arriving at the “dental pulp” (the root).

– Accumulation of tartar and plaque: If you do not make a good cleaning of the teeth with toothbrush, toothpaste, floss and mouthwash, by the time you can accumulate all the residues of food or drinks into the interdental spaces that turn into tartar and plate. In these areas there is a proliferation of bacteria and inflammation that can cause a serious pain to the teeth.

– Gingivitis, which is an inflammatory process that causes severe pain in the gums.

– Dental abscesses, which arise when there is the accumulation of bacteria, plasma or debris in the tissues that surround a tooth.
Fortunately, there are some natural remedies that can reduce the pain, waiting for the visit to the dentist. If it is necessary, try to follow these 7 advices!

1) Cloves
In case of toothache, cloves can be effective painkiller and natural disinfectant. They are also a suitable remedy for those who are found to suffer because of abscesses or other oral inflammation.
Furthermore, with the cloves you can prepare an infusion to be used as a mouthwash to rinse the practice. While, the essential oil of cloves may be applied directly on the painful area.
But in general, you can chew the cloves looking for pain relief.

2) Chamomile
Chamomile is useful for many pains. Even in the case of toothache they can reduce the pain, thanks to the preparation of an infusion, which can be used as a drink to try to calm the situation of pain and tension, as a mouthwash, or as a remedy to be applied on the tooth with the help of a cotton swab.

3) Garlic
It is probably the more popular “grandmother’s remedy” if you have an aching tooth because of caries. While waiting to be able to go to the dentist, it is usually advisable to chop a clove of garlic and apply it as long as possible on the painful area, so that it can perform its numbing effect.

4) Onion
So as with the garlic, the onion is traditionally considered much more than a simple food, but it also can be a real natural medicine.
If you suffer from toothache or gum inflammation, it is recommended to chew the slices of raw onion, a practice that would be able to make the pain more bearable.

5) Vanilla
In order to implement this remedy, you will need to procure a bottle of pure vanilla extract liquid, to be applied in drops directly on the aching tooth. It will have various positive effects!

6) Bach Flower
The Bach Flowers can be useful in helping to ease those disorders that often accompany the toothache, such as headaches, tension in the neck or cervical and mandibular pain.

7) Peppermint
The dried leaves of peppermint can be used for the preparation of a soothing infusion. The recommended amount is about 5 grams per cup of water.
Furthermore, the infusion can be used to make rinses, as if it were a mouthwash or gargle. It can also be drunk because of its calming effects.
It is also suggested to add a pinch of salt to enhance its disinfecting effect.



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