The World of Drones

What are drones?

The word “drone” is nothing more than the common name of a special class of thrown objects to the Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS).
As the name suggests, they are devices of various sizes capable of hovering in the sky without the need of a pilot on board, which stays on the ground (or on an adjacent vehicle) armed with a remote control to direct its movements.

Their story dates back to the First World War. However, since 2000s more and more companies have developed consumer products, a kind of successor of the remote-controlled airplanes used in childhood.

To take flight, the device must be enough light. On the market there are three main types of drones:

1. Propellers Structure: this type of drone is characterized by the presence of one or more propellers, usually mounted on swing-out arms, which allow the drone to behave like a helicopter.

2. Planar structure, which is more similar to airplanes to helicopters. These aircraft are not equipped with propellers, but with great wings. They are useful mainly for medium distances, because they can take advantage by air flows.

3. Hybrids: these devices are not only designed to fly, but also to move on the ground thanks to the presence of two or four-wheel drive. Similarly, there are drones capable of making small jumps: for instance, to overcome nimbly stairs or other obstacles.

Their use in the civil sector is very diffused, although they have some specific regulations: in fact, in many countries it is forbidden to use drones to do not interfere with air or positioning tools, such as radar of aviation.

According some standards, drones don’t have to fly over 150 meters in height, provided always in view of the pilot. They have to stay far from persons and objects more than 50 meters.

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