Tourist Destinations: Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries of the world.
According to many features, it is considerated a good place to live in.

About half of the country is covered in forests: in fact, the 12% of world forests are situated in Canada. In addition, there are several lakes and rivers, featuring a great variety of landscapes.
Agriculture is a very important sector in Canada, especially in the South, where there is the production of wheat, potatoes and apples. This country is one of the largest exporters of agricultural products. About food, also fish is very produced.

However, the North of Canada is mainly dedicated to industries and to the production of oil and natural gas, thanks to the presence of mineral deposits.

Canada is a member of the Commonwealth. Its parliamentary democracy has two Houses: the Senate (which has 104 members appointed by the Prime Minister) and the House of Commons (which has 295 members elected every four years).
The head of the State is the British monarch, who is represented by the Governon General.
In addition, each province has its own government, which is responsible in many sectors such as education, transports, health care and so on.

Tourism is an important aspect of this country. In fact, every single year a large amount of tourists come to Canada from all over the world, just to visit, for instance, its great natural heritage.

There is not a unique religion in Canada. However, the majority of Canadians are Roman Catholic (about 47%) or Protestant (about 35%).

What are the official languages?
In Canada are spoken two main languages: English and French, because of the historical influences.

Some curiosities:
The capital of Canada is Ottawa but there are many important cities such as Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver and Québec.
Its currency is the Canadian dollar.
The majority of Canadians live in the South of the country.
The Canadian portion of the Cordillera, is 2,000 km long. Cordillera is a mountain range that runs from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego, which includes the Rocky Mountains.
The river Mackenzie is the longest river (about 2,635 miles) and it flows into the Arctic Ocean.
The lakes are more than a million.
In Canada, many skeletons of dinosaurs have been found, precisely in the area around Drumheller (Alberta). Now this territory has become the Dinosaur Provincial Park.

People of Canada come from many different backgrounds and traditions. So this country represents multicultural societies. The majority of the population have European origins and today there are many immigrants who come from Asia.

In addition, there are the Inuit (also called the “Eskimos“), who are one of the many aboriginal groups living in Canada. In the course of history, Inuit have partly changed their habits, but nowadays the situation is similar: some of them have been adapted to live in white society, using electricity or buying food and clothes in the shops. The other types of Inuit are the poorest: accordingly, many of them receive some aids by the government.

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