Benefits of Oranges

How often do you eat oranges?
Oranges are one the most popular fruits of the world. It is grown in most of the warmer regions but it has misterious origins.

What is an orange made of?
An orange is mainly composed of carbohydrates and water.
It has a low glycemic index, and a good source of fiber: they are good for everyone!

What are its health benefits?
There are many benefits made by oranges.

  1. They can reduce heart diseases, for instance heart attack. According to many studies, eating oranges can also regolate the circulation of blood.
  2. They can reduce the risks of cancer. Thanks to their source of vitamin C oranges can avoid the development of tumors. In addition, the adequate intake of fibers is associated with a lower risk of developing cancer of the colon-rectum.
  3. They can prevent kidney stones. Oranges are a good source of citric acid and citrate, which have an important role in the prevention of kidney stones.
  4.  They can prevent anemia. The citric acid of oranges have the ability to increase the absorption of iron from the digestive tract. Therefore, it helps to prevent anemia, which is caused by iron deficiency.
  5. They can improve the beauty of your skin. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that can help fight skin damage caused by sun exposure, reducing wrinkles. In addition, vitamin C plays an essential role in the formation of collagen, which is the main skin support system.
  6. It can reinforce the immune system.

What is the best season of oranges?
The season of oranges begins in October and ends in April / May

How to store them?
Oranges may be stored at room temperature for about one week or up to two weeks inside the compartment fruit/ vegetables in the refrigerator at home.
Oranges are a simple and complete snacks that can be consumed anywhere.

How to eat them?
You just have to rinse them under running water to remove surface dirt and any pesticide residues and then you have to peel them.
You can eat or drink oranges, through orange juice.
The orange juice is a popular drink in the world, but it should be consumed immediately because the exposure to oxygen causes oxidation of its precious vitamins.
Always prefer a healthy and delicious homemade juice than a packaged product, full of sugar and artificial colors!

However, you can use oranges in different ways:
The orange segments can be added to your winter salads or your fruit salads
You can use oranges to prepare a jam
Orange dried leaves can be used in the preparation of herbal tea
The orange juice can be used in your preparations confectionery as an alternative to sugar;
The orange peel can be used as a flavoring agent in the preparation of many types of dishes.

Contraindications and potential negative effects:
The oranges not have particular contraindications or adverse effects, allergy, for example, is quite rare.
However, you should limit its use if you suffer from stomach acidity or gastritis.

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