Eyes are a window to the soul

Eye color is a polygenic phenotypic character determined by determined by the type of iris and the melanin pigment.

Eyes can be of different colors:

  • Black eyes
  • Brown eyes
  • Light brown eyes
  • Green eyes
  • Blue eyes
  • Silver eyes

and so on…

Black eyes have a large amount of melanin that makes them look an almost black color. This eye color is diffused in East Asia, South-East Asia, Africa, South America and among the aborigines in many areas of the Middle East.
According some legends, people with black eyes are positive, strong, brave and funny.

Brown eyes contain large amounts of melanin. A brown pigmentation with the media is very common in southern Europe, northern India, in some areas of North Africa and the Middle East, especially in Arabia.
People with brown eyes are sweet, funny and intelligent. However, at the same time, they can be very lazy!

Light brown eyes have a smaller amount of melanin compared to brown eyes: accordingly, they appear  clearer.
Generally, people with light brown eyes are very sweet and honest.

Green eyes are the product of a low amount of melanin.
People with green eyes are generous, but in some cases they can be very touchy!

Blue eyes are the ones who have the lower amount of melanin and they are related to the density of protein in the stroma. It is very common in North Europe and in Canada. Generally, people with blue eyes can be very envious, but they trust in persons who they love. Another feature of blue eyes people is romanticism.

Silver eyes contain more melanin than blue eyes and according to some legends people with this color of eyes are very dreamers.

Even if there are these categories of eye color, everyone is different because of shades, shapes or appearance.

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