The basics of Meditation for beginners.

The basics of Mediation for beginners

Meditation can be really helpful!

If you’re feeling blue, stressed or you lost your connection with your inner-self, you might want to try meditation. This practice is becoming more and more popular among people from different strata of society. However just a few truly know what meditation means and how to corretly meditate.

Meditation is not just a fancy way to calm yourself down, it’s a complicated procedure that help to understand one’s own mind. It can be a very easy to do habit for beginners and, if correctly practiced, it can also become a deep and fundamental part of your everyday life.

How to meditate?

It’s simple, just try sitting down for just two minutes. Just this short amount of time of plain silence by yourself everyday can be a good start. Let go of everything else and try to increase this short amount of time more and more.

The best time to do this is during the morning, when you’re more relaxed and not tired, but also full of energy for the upcoming daily routine. Don’t think too much about what you’ll have to do and how, take a minute for yourself, enjoy the pleasure of being alone.

Understand your body better by counting your breaths slowly and trying to coming back to your senses when your mind will start wandering in random thoughts. You don’t want to get lost, you need to focus on yourself in that exact moment.

Sto worrying and try to begin the day with a loving attitude towards both yourself and the rest of the world. This positive way of thinking will flourish from your brief morning meditation and will extend to those around you.

Start with this easy step and then enjoy getting to know your inner self with more and more meditation time.

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