The World of Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular app for smartphones.
It is about photo-sharing: accordingly it is also a social network, giving the opportunity to stay connected to the whole world. Instagram is for everyone: you just need to be at least 13 years old to create an account.

Which is the difference between Instagram and Facebook?
While Facebook is about sharing news, links, status, photos and videos, Instagram has only a visual-sharing function. However, thanks to the new uploadings, you have to opportunity to share live videos or “stories”.  Stories are a secondary feeed, showed at the top of the Instagram homepage. They appears through little photo bubbles of the users you follow. Tapping at one of these bubbles you have the opportunity to see the user’s stories that he published over the last 24 hours. In this way, Instagram is quite similar to Snapchat, which also has the function of the temporary posts.

Why people love Instagram?
Because of many reasons.

Firstly, for its simplicity.

Secondly, for its opportunity to become popular: it is the perfect place of bloggers. There’s a large quantity of users who wants to make business with this social. Fashion bloggers use Instagram to share their outfits. to give advices about dressing or inspire through many important brands. Yes because if you have a large quantity of followers, you can collaborate with important agencies.
How does it work a “collaboration”?
Generally, these agencies contact you on direct or through e-mail, giving you the opportunity to establish a collaboration. If you agree, they send you a free product in exchange for a photo posting of it with a positive review. It is a good business: you have the change to increase your followers but at the same time you can inspire them and the agencies could obtain more customers.

Thirdly, for its function of adding filters. Instagram has up to 22 filters you can choose to edit your photos. In addition, there are various settings, which give you the chance to enhance brightness, contrast, colors or cut and rotate your photo.

Now the question is: How to be popular on Instagram?
You have to take some precautions. For instance, the time of sharing.
Morning, lunchtime and early evening are the best time of the day: many users usually connect in these moments.
Then, you should follow similar accounts. Partecipation is essential: it means interacting. Search the user who posts images that attract your interest and follow his account. However, do not follow anyone because you could have the risk of overloading your feed.
Put like and comments: in this way, other followers can note your account.
Take care of your biography: in the homepage of your profile, write your main interests, adding a link to your blog (if you have it) and your email address (if you want to collaborate with brands).
Finally, use popular hashtags: these keywords are one of the main features of the Instagram searching: adding them to your caption, people can find you easily.

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