The nightmarish sleep paralysis

The nightmarish sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis is being talked about a lot recently. This terrifying phenomen is apparently being experienced by more and more people. If all these cases are true or just attention-seeking blubbering remains unknown, but understanding what this phenomeon is can be helpful to diagnose it on the spot in case you’ll ever be stuck in it (hopefully not).

Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which an individual experiences an inability to move, react or speak either during awakening or falling asleep. Imagine waking up and not being able to move, talk or scream. It truly sounds horrifying.

These experiences are usually symptoms of many different conditions, either too much stress or more serious sleeping disorders. However, there’s something eerie about them that seemingly occurs every time.

People who suffer from sleep paralysis recall being observed or gazed at by nightmarish black ghost-like figures that slowly approach them casuing fear and tremendously increasing the level of anxiety and stress. Noone really knows whether these creepy figures are just plain imagination or something more, but psychiatrists and experts state that they may just be the brain trying to express its incapability of controlling the body and a way of releasing the physical stress of the moment.

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