Greece is waiting for you this Summer!

Greece is waiting for you this Summer

Sun, beautiful beaches, seaside, warmth!

Do you have plans this Summer? Have you already booked your plane tickets and hotels? No? Well, if you need ideas, you’ve come to the right blog!

If you love beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, breath-taking sights and tremendously good food, go to Cyclades islands! The Cyclades are a group of greek islands in the Aegean Sea. They were a former administrative prefecture of Greece and are part of the Aegean archipelago

Some basic facts!

These lovely islands get their names from their position: they circle the sacred island of Delos. They’re also known to be the native place of a famous greek breed of cats, the Aegean cat

Naxos is the largest island of the group and it is well-known for the peculiarity of its main city (Naxos Town), whose citycentre resembles a labyrinth. 

All cyclades islands are huge tourist attractions thanks to their beautiful landscapes and the warmth of the inhabitants. Among them, the most famous certainly are: Mykonos, Delos, Santorini, Milos, Naxos and Tinos

To get there the best idea is to fly to Mykonos and take a ferry to whichever island you want to go to or to fly to Athens and get then an internal flight. Choose wisely!

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