Natural remedies to cure a sore throat

Natural remedies to cure a sore throat

Are you having a bad sore throat?

A sore throat is a reaction, itchiness or pain caused by an irritation of the throat and can be a symptom of a simple flu, a cold or more dangerous diseases. If the sore throat doesn’t go away after 4 or 5 days it is rocommended to make a trip to the doctor for a check.

However, if this isn’t your case and you want to avoid using pills or medications in favour of more natural methods, here’s a list of interesting remedies anyone could do at home!

  • Gargle vinegar: warning! This is a very peculiar remedy, to say the least, so not everyone may be suited for it. Basically, just take some vinegar and gargle it slowly as deep as you can so that it expands everywhere in your throat. Avoid throwing up (believe me, it happens…).
  • Drink a nice hot chamomille. Nothing’s better than a good warm chamomille for a sore throat.
  • Gargle water and licorice. It’s the same as vinegar, without the risk of throwing up.
  • Honey with water, honey with everything. Honey is just so good for sore throats. It can soothe pain and irritation if periodically drunk with water or directly eaten with a spoon.

This is just a quick list of the most common remedies, but there are many more. However, these are certainly the most effective!

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