How do animals see the world?

How do animals see the world


One of the most common questions you can come up with when thinking about animals is: what colours do they see?

Well, it is actually very complicated and different for all kinds of animals. There are in fact different classes of eyesight and visions between different species. Our beloved pets, mostly cats, dogs and rabbits, can only see grey, some shades of blue and yellow. Bad luck right?

There is actually some who are even less fortunate: bulls are in fact colour-blind! They cannot even see the red of cape of the infamous “corrida”, they attack because of the waving of the flag, not because of the colour.

Monkeys, squirrels, birds and some fishes have good eyesight and can see many colours, if not as many as humans can see, but still better than many house pets. Different species can see different shades of colours and they have learned to use this sensory ability to survive and adapt to their ecosystem.

We are not, however, the one with the best eyesight on this planet and there are two animals who can see even more colours then us: bees and butterflies.

These two are capable of seeing more colours than our human eyes can perceived and our brain can comprehend. Their range of colour stretches out to the ultraviolet!

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