2017: The Year of Fishnets

Do you remember? In the ’90s fishnets were a provocative item, used by various pop stars like Britney Spears or the Spice Girls, but now the situation has changed.

Many fashion bloggers and top models are using this item in their everyday outfits, under skirts, paints or distressed jeans. In addition, now there is a large variety of colors of fishnets: originally, they were only black but now they can be pink, blue, white, grey, red and so on. They differ not only for color but also for shape: the fishnet can be large or small. The last one is perfect to women who don’t want to dare.

It is not always easy to wear this type of socks, without the risk of seeming vulgar to others. The most important thing to do is to understand if you feel comfortable with them; otherwise it has no sense to wear it just to seem fashionable.
Then, the choice of the color is relevant: in the mornings white or pink fishnets are better, while in the nights you can use the black ones as you prefer.
For more outfit ideas you can take a look on Instagram, which is now largely populated by this trend.

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