The oldest bookstore in the World.

The oldest bookstore in the World

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Books are an important part of everyone’s life, either for studying, pleasure or personal knowledge and culture. The history of books is long and ancient, but in this article we’re not gonna cover that part of the story, we’re gonna briefly talk about the oldest bookstore in the world! Yes, since books have to be bought and they were first put on sale for everyone to buy a long long time ago.

The oldest bookstore in the world is actually the Bertrand Bookstore in Lison, Portugal. With so many bookstores closing down, this piece of history remains open since 1732. It’s been open for 285 years! It was first founded by Peter Faure, who wanted it to be a hub for artists and intellectuals.

The bookstore was not located in the spot where it is nowadays since the beginning, because the first shop was destroyed in 1755 by an earthquake. So you could say the bookstore has been opened since 1755 and not 1732, but the essence of the store is the same of its original one and the spirit of the workers is still the same: full of the joy for books, the passion for reading and all the welcoming warmth they always offer to visitors and clients.

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